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Better Together is a production company located in Helsinki and working wherever projects take us.

We provide production services for photography and film projects, where we build and lead teams to create quality work.

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Hanna Kaikula
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Lola Tairova
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So much is said about kids needing play but what of adults? More play into work, life and, hey, the world, and we’ll be taking strides to some good living.


Vulnerability is all the rage these days. Right on! People get along better if you just let them be themselves as their sensitive selves, warts and all. Pretty sure science says so but the heart and experience definitely do!


No one changed the world by laying back and waiting for an angel to appear. Or did they? Anyhow, if they did, it must’ve been an angel with an empowering message. The recipe for some good ol’ fashioned empowerment can be as simple as getting good folk in one place to do stuff together.

To empower good life by working truly together.

Our team


Collaborating with people, that’s what Hanna lives for. She’s caring & quirky and solid as gold.

Her respectable good decade of hard-earned experience in productions has its roots in her photography and graphic design studies. She learned the ropes as a photographer’s assistant and during her time at a production company. It led her to launch her own business, which has steadily grown, fuelled by the good reputation from each job she has done.

All this is built on her unwavering dedication and focused involvement in the process from start to finish – and her love of a great partnership. Shoots are her natural habitat, where she finds joy and puts her wide experience at work as a crucial player in getting the most out of those days. Her sharp and sophisticated eye helps elevate the end result.

No wonder people want to keep working with her.


It’s time to rewrite how this work is done. Lola didn’t exactly say that, but it’s there between the lines and behind her actions.

She’s been honing her special sensibility around shoots since her early twenties when entering the fashion magazine world in Moscow holding a business degree. When she landed in Helsinki, she turned her fashion editor and stylist career into production. First at a production company and then solo, she’s used her way of running projects, keen visual eye and casual manner with all kinds of people to enable great work.

As her diverse background hints at, she has a thirsty curiosity, prompting questions that cut to the bottom of things. She catches more than meets the eye, and is comfortable bridging the levels between big picture and matter-of-fact details. This together with her experience and wealth of cultural references leads her to the emotional core of how to bring the commission to life.

You can count on her to dream up exciting ideas and knowing how best to implement them.