City of Helsinki

What brings a city to life? It’s the people. The ongoing project to build a photo bank for the City of Helsinki really celebrates that in its full human diversity. Since 2017, when the city renewed its identity, we’ve created 800+ photographs and videos. They portray real Helsinki citizens in the natural Helsinki habitats: homes, gardens, kindergartens, stores, hospitals, outdoor gyms and what not. The people of the city making the most of the city.

A big part of the job was to look for and engage with the whole array of the Helsinki population: young and old, funny and quirky, single and coupled, as well as all the different nationalities and cultures represented in the Finnish capital – Russian, Rwandan, Moroccan, Vietnamese and many more. We also took part in scripting the shots, we budgeted, communicated and sometimes also styled. Phew!

Today the City of Helsinki photo bank is more true to its people and the capital’s character, representing a genuine and contemporary take on the full breadth of people who populate the city now and far into the future.
Client: City of Helsinki
Agency: Werklig
Photographer: Jussi Hellsten