When you work with a paint company, be prepared for some painting before shooting. For the Tikkurila brand images, the goal was to show real life within the four Tikkurila-painted walls (and outdoors too). That required lived-in locations we scouted and had painted specifically for the shoot. These gave us the perfect setting for imperfect moments of everyday life, and sophisticated new brand images.

Our role was to conduct the whole operation from location scouting and handling to final image delivery. We made sure the core team stayed the same through the 11 shooting days to achieve a unified result. The fantastic styling team played a huge role in achieving the results.
Client: Tikkurila
Agency: Grow Stockholm
AD: Heini Puha
Photographer: Mikko Ryhänen
Styling: Studio Plenty / Anna Pirkola &
Maiju Uusi-Simola
Muah: Emma Bentley & Sanna Liljamo