On the face of it, it’s a simple and familiar sounding brief. New brand images shot in the company’s office with actual employees going about their work. Look at the result, and voila, you see a fresh take on it.

A well-planned production yet with plenty of space for ad hoc shots gave the whole day a free flowing feeling, which shows as quirky situations, humour verging on slapstick, and an overall positive, social feeling.

All the elements came together like a wonder. Bryan Saragosa captured the moments, Juho Pihlajaoja styled them and our Better Together team was around making sure everything hangs together. Extra thanks for the Bond team and the professional vision of Elina Niemistö at Vincit.

The new dawn of corporate imagery, yes please.
Client: Vincit
Agency: Bond
Photographer: Bryan Saragosa
Styling: Juho Pihlajaoja