Uniqlo x Marimekko

Once in a while there is an international production that needs to be shot in Finland. And we have a great example of that. For the launch of the A/W 2019 collaboration with Marimekko, Uniqlo wanted to shoot the campaign in Finland. So they got in touch with people who can make it happen.

What needed to be done? Well, can we put it this way: the range of what we do was put into good use. Our expertise of the local scene worked together with the love and experience of producing fashion content. Finding, arranging and negotiating locations. Hiring local talent and crew. Organising logistics and providing a working base. Casting both adults and babies. Overseeing film post-production.

It was a delight to work as the local partner for this international production. We are happy to receive emails from anywhere in the world for all kinds of projects whether wherever or in Finland, which we think has a lot to offer. It was also a pleasure to make sure the seen-it-all, international crew felt comfortable for the shooting week and could focus on making the most of the job.

Client: Uniqlo
Agency: Fast Retailing via Princess Pat
Photographer: Mel Bles
DOP: Oskari Pulkkinen
Editor: Janne Vartia
Stylist: Lyson Marchessault
Muah: Sanni Syd & Eevis Liedes